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45 Mobile Web Designs To Show You One Of Future Trends

By Daniels Mekšs

Even if now not many visitors come to the website through his mobile phone, but be sure it’s the future, where people will use their smart phones everywhere to access their favorite websites when they are on the road and want to fill their free time with useful reading.

Also thing to remember, if site has mobile design version and you don’t get it automatically, you can access it by putting “m” before website address –  “” –  from smartphones and iPhones you need to use this mobile address as well to access it.


1. Victoria’s Secret Pink


2. Alex Buga


3. Vondi


4. University of Alabama


5. Virgin Blue


6. Toy Soldier


7. Wegmans


8. Design Quest


9. iWeathr


10. Marina Yachting


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